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GOAL 1.To generate by 2017 a critical mass of African research scientists under the One Health concept dedicated to the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases


GOAL 2.To develop by 2015 a well-informed and integrated multi-disciplinary research agenda on zoonotic diseases


GOAL 3.To set an Africa- wide standard for zoonotic disease research using the One Health approach


GOAL 4.Through active engagement with stake- holders and beneficiaries, to ensure that research products  contribute to public health policies and strategies at local, national and international level, as deemed appropriate


GOAL 5.To become a role model for South-South and South-North research partnerships in zoonotic diseases


GOAL 6.To strengthen research administration and management systems in all partner African institutions


GOAL 7.To strengthen the research and leadership capacity of research groups within partner institutions and universities


GOAL 8.To develop appropriate resource platforms accessible to different research groups


GOAL 9.Through the development of a communications strategy, to improve research communication with the public, media and policy makers


GOAL 10.Enhance effective scientific communication and partnership between institutions

Prof Bassirou Bonfoh
Director Consortium Afrique One
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