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Created in 2009 with the financial support of the Wellcome Trust ranking to 5 millions GBP over 5 years, the consortium Afrique One is made up of core institutions namely, 11 African research centers including universities (NMIR, CSRS, NMIMR, TAWIRI, UDSM, UNA, MU, IRED, EISMV, SUA, MUHAS) and 3 Global partners from the north (University of Bergen-Norway, Swiss TPH-Switzerland, University of Glasgow-United Kingdom) which have been building their collective human and technical capacities through structured and well integrated training and investment programmes. The consortium has also been progressively orientating its research focus on key priorities of the partner countries and regions, while at the same time building generic platforms which respond to the challenges of zoonotic and other diseases in humans, animals and the environment. The consortium Afrique One lays on five main activities :

a. Establishment of eleven comprehensively funded Post-doctoral Research Fellowships

b. A programme of short-term ‘teaching’ buy-out grants available to promising early-career lecturers already working within universities to develop research proposals

c. Appointment of suitably qualified and experienced technical consultants to support the research fellowship programs and provide more general training to the consortium

d. A programme of short-term visits to enhance complementary skills for ecosystem health and provide opportunities to build management capacity

e. Establishment of a modest infra-structure and equipment support fund.


Afrique One now looks to the future with a Strategic Plan for the period 2013 – 2017. This has been undertaken through a highly participatory process, designed to capitalise fully on the bold initiative taken by the Wellcome Trust and on the enthusiasm, commitment and experience of Afrique One scientists, establishing a programme merit worthy of new investment by health sponsors, including the Wellcome Trust. The Wellcome Trust funding for the consortium has sown the seed of partnership and of transdisciplinary research approaches to tackling zoonotic diseases in Africa. The consortium is now realigning its status from a project-based approach to a longer term institutional partnership model. It seeks to extend its focus on zoonotic diseases to a wider mandate of the successful control of zoonotic and other diseases at the human, animal and environmental interface in Africa. As collaborations and capacity building programmes developed between and beyond its current membership, Afrique One seeks to promote and personify the sustainable institutionalisation of African research capacity in health research, and in security of funding beyond the initial five year funding provided by the Wellcome Trust. This will involve paying greater attention to the priority human and livestock research constraints of Africa, the development of a more strategic approach to the use of One Health approaches in health research, and the development of strong and functional partnerships to ensure the relevance and impacts of its research products. In addition, Afrique One aims to bring its research endeavours and products more in line with the actionable development needs of the continent. 


Additionally, Afrique One  is part of the seven research capacity enhancing consortia funded by the Wellcome Trust in the UK under their African Institutions Initiative. Each consortium is led by an African institution and has included research and higher education partners as well as research institutes from Europe, the US and Australia. Each of the consortia operates independently with its own capacity building and research agenda.

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Created in 2009, the consortium Afrique One is made up of core institutions, three Global partners from the north (University of Bergen-Norway, Swiss TPH-Switzerland, University of Glasgow-United...« Read More »

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